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As a graduate you work in various fields of engineering and natural sciences. With a strong background in research, you are prepared to take over leading positions in universities, research agencies and national and international organizations.

With a Master degree in Geodesy and Geoinformatics you have excellent career opportunities in a very wide field of exciting and well-paid jobs all over the world. Thanks to the broad and diverse skills you acquire in the courses you will be able to master challenges in private industry, in research and development as well as in public service. Graduates of the programme

  •          design high precision 3D measurement and evaluation systems
  •          develop navigation and software systems
  •          run their own business as a Chartered Surveyor
  •          create and sell geoinformation services
  •          implement manufacturing and quality control
  •          guide construction work and the extraction of raw materials
  •          help the automotive industry to build safer and smarter cars
  •          carry out research in aerospace technology, geophysics and related fields

Another promising option is to obtain further scientific qualification by enrolling in the PhD programme of the participating university institutes or other research facilities.