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Information for Current Students in Master's Degree Programme Geodesy and Geoinformatics

This page offers important information for our current students in our master degree programme.

Orientation Programme for Freshmen

This programme gives information on orientation events in the first week for master freshmen:

Time Tables and Semester Dates

The time table gives information on all lectures and exercise times during the lecture period for courses given from the Geodesy and Geoinformatics department. Winter semester generally goes from October 1st until March 30th and summer semester from April 1st until September 30th. The exact lecture time, which takes 12 or 13 weeks, can be checked on the university's website. The next summer semester will start on April 9th.

Watch out for special dates like German public holidays and university vacations (for example Christmas and Whitsunday)!

Examination Dates and Rules

Examination time is generally scheduled during lecture free time. Students have to apply to the exams they choose to take part at the end of each semester. These are the important dates for exam application and exam period:

SemesterExam application periodExam period
SoSe 201806.07. - 16.07.201813.08.2018 - 14.09.2018
WiSe 2018/201915.11. - 30.11.201815.12.2018 - 14.04.2019


Official examination regulations are released in German language only. A translation and further explanations are available on request.

General studies

The Master's degree comprises a module named "Studium Generale". Students can choose courses from all faculties of the university during their studies, as long as the content will be benificial to their future career goal. They have to gain at least 10 credit points for that module. Students can also collect more credits than mandatorily needed and decide which courses will be credited to their final grade. Extra courses can be listed in the final transcript of records, if desired.

In order to get a course credited to their transcript, which is not listed in the handbook, students will have to apply for recognition of that specific course at the examination board Geodesy and Geoinformatics. The application for recognition has to be turned in as a letter. How to write this letter is explained on the notice-board in the GIH (behind the glass next to the time table).

Stuying abroad

Are you interested in studying abroad during your master degree programme?

There are a lot of possiblities for you to go abroad and

  • study one or two semesters earning credit points for your degree
  • do an internship in a company
  • undertake student research or work on your master thesis.

We do have several partner universities for Europe (ERASMUS+ programme) and in further countries. Have a look at our website (in German right now, will be translated soon) to find out about the partners. Please also check information from our International Office. For a couselling concerning this topic write an email to internationalesgug.uni-hannover.de and use the International Office's service hours for a general consultation. We reccommend to start planning a stay abraod at least one year before the desired period of time.