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I like to study Geodesy and Geoinformatics in Hanover because ...

Eva Kemkes

  • one has a large variety of possible jobs to choose from later
  • particularly in the first semester, you get a good overview of the many areas
  • both lecturers and students are very open and you feel welcomed from day one

Lukas Schack

  • not only the studies but also the lifestyle that goes with it is great
  • due to small semester sizes a pleasant learning atmosphere prevails

Anna Wünsch

  • the many different subsections of Geodesy are covered

Christian Kruse

  • I like the small semester sizes and the consequent solidarity
  • all institutes are quick and easy to reach

Jakob Unger

  • there are a small number of students and, as a result, good contact during the semester, across semesters and to the lecturers

Linda Meyer

  • through the many exercises in different subject areas the learning material is good and not just theoretical
  • there is good contact between lecturers and students

Paul Czioska

  • there is a wide range of optional subjects
  • it is very pleasant to study here

Hue Kiem Pham

  • it is a very interesting, modern and, above all, versatile degree program
  • everyone knows everyone because of the small semester sizes and thus a familial relationship prevails between many